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The Method Of Chemical Recycling Of Polyurethane Waste Facades Mesh
Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 29, 2015

The so-called chemical recycling method is the use of amine solution or an alcohol solution pyrolysis and other methods, the polyurethane foam polyurethane raw materials down into other chemical raw materials or methods. Polyurethane foam urethane linkages exist, urine key, etc., in an alcohol solution and amine solution alkaline hydrolysis process, the polyurethane molecule urethane bond and urine bond breaking, broken down into a polyol and aromatic polyamines, carbon dioxide, etc., for chemical recycling of polyurethane waste at present, there are many domestic and international research, the glycol solution,, currently only a small-scale farm waste recycling plant operations, which are not created by the use of polyurethane insulation in the walls of buildings in the domestic product of still blank.

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