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Product For Vacuum Infusion Composite Ships
Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2016

  Enmico are proud to be the only enterprise in Iran to manufacture Vacuum Infusion Composite ships in vast quantities. Their first composite ship production was launched in August 2015.Their portfolio consists of various commercial,leisure, passenger, research and coastguard as well as custom-built ships. Their ships are built of innovative composite material designed by their specialist team from Sweden, which makes them robust, extremely light-weight, and fuel efficient.They require minimal maintenance with a very long life span.

  Our fiberglass biaxial fabric +/-45 degree 600gsm and 800gsm;chopped strand mat 450gsm;woven roving 600gsm;PVC foam 15 mm green 80kg slotting and hole punching are used for their vacuum infusion composite ships.

PVC foam 15 mm green 80kg slotting and hole punching:


Fiberglass biaxial fabric +/-45 degree:

 Chopped strand mat:

Woven roving:

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