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New Friends From India For Woven Roving And CSM!
Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2017

Doing business its not only for business,its also a chance to make new friends!      

Last week ,our new customer from India came to visit our factory.They love green tea very much,before we talk about business we took them to a tea shop, tasted different tea,the tea before 5th April is very fresh,and has the greatest taste. The person who works in the shop is so professional she showed us the the beauty of Chinese tea.

Their factory is specilized in producing FRP tanks,they need EWR600,and chopped strand mat 300gsm and 450gsm for hand lay up process..We showed them around our work place,we recommend stitch mat,woven roving.One of them is technical expert ,they watched our equipment and they were so satisfied with the quality.

    When we talked about business,our customers said they were so touched that we bought them hamburgers ,cause they were in the train for 20 hours,there was nothing for them to eat and they were so hungry,but when they got off train we already prepared hamburgers fro them,at that moment they want to do business with us,after talking,they gave the order to us.

If you really care about your customers,they will feel it,if you treat them like your friends they will trust you,you wont just get business but also friends!





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