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Glass Fiber Use In The Glass Pipe
Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 29, 2015

Glass pipe, also known as glass fiber winding Plastic Pipe (RPM pipe). Mainly in the glass fiber reinforced material and products, unsaturated polyester resin polymer component, epoxy resin as the base material, quartz sand and calcium carbonate and other inorganic non-metallic particles as filler material as the main raw material. Standard effective length of pipe is 6m and 12m, its production method has given long winding process, centrifugal casting process and a continuous winding process three. A process according to products, pressure rating PN and stiffness SN grade to grade classification.

Reciprocating filament winding process (of fixed length method): In this process method, dipping tank with the rotation of the mandrel is reciprocated, long fiber glass with an oblique angle relative to the mandrel axis auxiliary release, auxiliary angle (ie wrapping angle) than control, translational motion dipping tank movement speed and mandrel rotation speed that dipped by computerized slot machine - control electricity. Winding layers gradually increased wall thickness to meet the design so far. After winding is complete, the article substantially cure the resin. After curing, emerge from the glass pipe in mandrel.

Continuous filament winding process (of a continuous process): The process is in motion through a tube supplying prepreg roving, chopped fiberglass and resin sand mixture feeding station, the tube is continuously advancing mandrel in steel.

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