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Glass Fiber Cloth Is Not Accidentally Get On Your Clothes Or Body How To Do?
Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 29, 2015

Usually conventional glass fiber cloth glass fiber filament diameter in the 9-13 micron, 6 micron glass fiber floats, pipe directly into the lungs, can cause respiratory disease, so pay special attention to 6 microns or less is now more generally imported. Professional production operations must wear masks. If frequent contact may breathe lungs, can eat duck. Duck lungs can melt glass fibers.

If it is stained glass fiber body, bad skin allergies is itching, but generally do not have great harm, bad skin may be starting small, it is allergies, eat like a drug allergy .

If the clothes get more difficult to remove, in a windy place more beat several times, washed and dried after beating beaten with tree branches more easily removed, more tapping several times!

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