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300GSM Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric
Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 21, 2016

Basic Info.

Raw Materials:Polyacrylonitrile-Based Carbon FiberPerformance:High-Strength Type
State:Carbon Fiber FabricsMechanical Property:High-Performance Type
Package:15kg CartonSpecification:ROHS
Fiber Type:12kDensity:300G/M2
Roll Length:100mRoll Width:10cm,20cm,30cm,50cm
Tensile Strength:>3400MPaModulus:>240gpa
HS Code:68159920Production Capacity:5000000m2

Product Description

12k 300GSM unidirectional carbon fiber fabric is a reinforcing fabric for building structure,it was woven by high-performance carbon fiber.It has many significant advantages,such as:high tensile strength,wear resistance,corrosion resistance,durability and high temperature resistance.The tension of the fiber was strictly controlled during the production,fiber bundles was straight so to play the advantages of strength effectively,using a special setting process so to avoid loose distortion phenomenon when cutting,easy wet out,convenient operating.Mainly used for seismic reinforcement and other aspects of the building structure.


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