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Abstract: With professional fiberglass surfboard fabric factory, Changzhou Utek Composite Co.,Ltd is one of the best China surfboard fabric, fiberglass cloth, surfboard fiberglass cloth, fiberglass fabric for surfboard manufacturers and suppliers. welcome to wholesale products from us.
Fiberglass Surfboard Fabric

Surfboard Fabric

1.Product Description

This fabric is strong,durable and lightweight that is designed to provide superior handling and cleanliness to insure a smooth manufacturing process.

Because its perfected finish, the fabric gives surfboard a brilliant whiteness to make graphics stand out above the rest .

We have developed an assortment of styles,each offering unique physical properties-which help you meet the meticulous requirements of the surfboard industry.


StyleWidthConstruction(Per inch)Weight
152225”,27”,30”24*224 oz standard
753327”,30”18*186 oz standard
152125”,27”,30”30*184 oz warp enhanced
753127”,30”23*146 oz warp enhanced
753427”,30”24*146 oz warp enhanced
753725”,27”,30”18*225 oz, “6/4 Combo”
753230”,38”16*147 oz fins

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AddressFuhanyuan 1-814Taihu RoadChangzhouJiangsuChina
Contact PersonNameTelEmail ID
MangerGong Xiaojun0086
MangerIrene Xi0086
Business ConditionManufactureTrading
Consititution of companyPvt.Ltd
Annual turnoverUSD10,000,000
Company Occupy Areas(M2)3000M2
Shower room Occupy Areas(M2)200M2
Mainly Customer & MarketingEurope,Asia,America,Middle East
Mainly ProductFiberglass chopped strand mat (powder and emulsion), stitch mat, combo mat, uni-direction and biaxial fabric, RTM core mat, woven roving, special products like Ar-glass roving, chopped strand, thin fiberglass fabric, SMC(sheet molding compound), fiberglass/polyester geogrid and geocomposite. fiberglass mica fabric for insulation.
Sales Team15University GraduatesProduct Team150
Research & Development Team12QC Team8
CertificateISO 9001 ,ISO 14001 ,SGS
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