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Fiberglass Reinforcement

  • Multiaxial Fabric
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    Multiaxial Fabric

    Multiaxial Fabric 1.Product Description Fiberglass multi-axial fabric is made of fiberglass direct roving parallel aligned in 0°,90°,+45°and -45° directions (also could be in any one or several of these directions,one direction one layer),then stitch together with or...
  • Polyester Film For Roofing
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    Polyester Film For Roofing

    Polyester film(Mylar film) Polyester film(Mylar film) is used in fiberglass reinforced pipe, tank, container for the mould releasing and surface calendaring. Inside of polyester film is covered with silicone oil, it is more effective to keep mould release and surface...
  • Fiberglass Mesh 75g 14.28cm Width For Corner
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    Fiberglass Mesh 75g 14.28cm Width For Corner

    We exported fiberglass mesh to many countries such as Turkey,Russia...14.28CM Cutting size is widely used for Corner.We exported to Turkey and Kyrgyzstan.We have different colors. It is a kind of high strength composite non-woven fabrics composited with...
  • Fiberglass Biaxial Fabric
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    Fiberglass Biaxial Fabric

    Fiberglass Biaxial Fabric 1.Product Description Fiberglass Biaxial Fabric is made of roving in warp and weft one-way parallel arrangement,the one-way angle can be respectively 0 degrees and 90 degrees with outermost layer consisting of chopped strand by knitting with...
  • Laminated Binding Tape For Cable
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    Laminated Binding Tape For Cable

    It is a laminated tape composed of glass scrim bonded to polyester film with a fire retardant adhesive. It is primarily used as a replacement for glass braid on SEU and SER service entrance cable and can also be used as bedding or binding tape. Technical Data : ...
  • AGM Separator
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    AGM Separator

    The separators are used in automotive batteries and motorcycle starting batteries. Technical Data: Picture of Product: Give us a chance, and we' ll return you with satisfaction.
  • Unidirectional Fabric
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    Unidirectional Fabric

    1. Product Description Fiberglass unidirectional fabric is made of fiberglass direct roving parallel aligned in 0°,90°directions then stitch with polyester fiber threads.The both products are extensively used in GRP pultrusion process,hand lay-up process and RTM...
  • Chopped Strand Mat
  • PVAC Emulsion For Hard Chopped Strand Mat
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    PVAC Emulsion For Hard Chopped Strand Mat

    PVAC Emulsion 1015 is specialized in hard fiberglass emulsion chopped strand mat.We export to The Republic of Belarus. Technical Data Sheet 1.Product Type: Polyvinyl acetate emulsion 2.Specification: Appearance: milk white liquid. Solid content: 60±2% ...
  • Milled Glass Fiber
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    Milled Glass Fiber

    Milled Glass Fibres is made from E-glass and are available with well-defined average fiber lengths between 50-210 microns, they are specially designed for reinforcement of thermoset resins, thermoplastic resins and also for painting applications. The products can be coated or...
  • Fiberglass Battery Separator
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    Fiberglass Battery Separator

    The separators are used in automotive batteries and motorcycle starting batteries. Which enjoy the advantages of smooth surface, uniform thickness, high aperture ratio, low electric resistance, better mechanic strength and vibrant resistance. It can prolong the service life...
  • UD Combo Fabric Backed Polyester Veil
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    UD Combo Fabric Backed Polyester Veil

    Description: Unidirectional combo fabric is roving in 90 direction and stitch chopped strand and polyester veil together. The product does not contain any binder, warp/weft interweave, buckling, thus has the best mechanical properties. With good resin soak, penetration...
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